Gabbie Carter, Skylar Vox (Take The Shot)

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713   9 dias atras
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713   9 dias atras
They are inseparable friends and apart from everything they are very rich.
Gabbie and Skylar are the best of friends who do everything together. After catching the eye of Pressure's bodyguard at the club the night before, they are invited to hang out to relax one day at his place.
It all starts one afternoon with a little Shot, the liquor gets a little high and the beautiful Gabbie decides to give her sexual friend a little kiss.
Skylar and Gabbie had something on their mind and invited their bodyguard to play some basketball, only to have him take off his shirt.
The whores decide to go a little further and decide to seduce them, they start by flirting a little while touching their breasts.
These friends want to fuck, they were so ready that the bitches didn't wear any underwear.
After seducing they decide to take action, these men pick them up and take them directly inside their house.
It's time to start the action, they start kissing when suddenly one of these little sluts decides to grab his cock and take it to her mouth.
When in an oversight she sees that her friend was already being given good oral sex, she heard her friend moan this makes her hotter and in an oversight she already had that huge cock inside her. How delicious the inseparable friends fuck, what good movements these whores have.
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