Aften Opal, Katie Kush - Watch me fuck your friend

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577   8 dias atras
Katie Kush puts on her bikini to go swimming. Nathan Bronson, her brother, quietly joins her to take a few moments to confirm that his stepsis sexy before she realizes it. Nathan informs Katie that he is going to follow her friend, Aften Opal. Finally, they make a bet: if Nathan gets a better grade than Katie on the next exam, he will follow her friend. Katie accepts and adds that, for such a simple bet, Nathan can even follow Aften if he loses. When Nathan tells Katie that the test has been passed, Aften and Katie go out in their school uniforms the following week. Katie is surprised that she got the highest grade. She wasn't convinced of the bet before, but after listening to the sisters, it seems reasonable. After a while of longing, Nathan wastes no time, pulls the poll out of his pants and starts sucking her off. While Aften hides behind her knees so Nathan can follow her, she tries to persuade Katie to join them. Katie is stubborn, but eventually agrees to let Aften eat her while Nathan follows Aften. This results in a double blowjob. Katie finally lets Nathan kiss her on the lips while Afton rides her face, completing the threesome. After switching places with Katie, Aften places an anklet in Nathan's ear so Nathan can go deeper. Katie uses knees to ride Aften's mouth once again, this time sliding her own finger into her ass to double her pleasure. When Katie's mother, Dava Foxx, arrives home, the trio is enjoying their new chemistry. She often doesn't want to risk getting caught, so she stretches out while Katie and Nathan sit together under a blanket to hide their nakedness. Katie can't help but stroke Nathan's cock as they converse with her mother, who ends up getting longer. Katie takes the opportunity to fondle Nathan one more time before jumping on his cock. Katie orders Nathan to follow her lead, riding him on his well trimmed coo. She makes a case for it and prepares a delicious cream pie. Dava returns moments later and stops the brothers in their tracks.
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