My Stepmom Fucked My Bully!?

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13084   1 year ago
When Chloe Surreal comes home from school, she is horrified to find her stepmother, Lauren Phillips, having sex with one of Chloe's classmates, Jane Wilde. Not only is it a shocking sight, Jane also bullies Chloe at school because Chloe is a lesbian. Why would Lauren have sex with Chloe's bully?!Lauren explains that Jane's parents found out about her recent bullying incident and sent Jane out for a heart-to-heart dialogue. . After her persuasion, Jane admits to Chloe that she is also a lesbian. She can't believe Chloe. Jane continued, she revealed that she hit her because she was closing her heart and she had no one to talk to. She resented that Chloe was outspoken, proud, and having such a supportive parent. Chloe feels sorry for Jane, but she points out that she still can't explain why Lauren and Jane have sex. Lauren reveals that Jane had found Chloe attracted to her, and she agreed to have sex with Jane as long as she promised that Jane would not bully Chloe anymore. Chloe is incredulous and doesn't believe Jane will change. Lauren gets tougher and reminds Chloe of the power of forgiveness. Jane apologized profusely to Chloe, who softened somewhat. Lauren encourages Chloe and Jane to kiss and make up. After a moment's hesitation, Chloe and Jane kiss, leading to unexpected lust. Lauren sees this and encourages Chloe to have sex. Chloe hesitated, but agreed, and his hot threesome began. A great family lesson about apology and forgiveness, isn't it?
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