Naughty Scout Secrets

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6648   1 year ago
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6648   1 year ago
Two preparatory scouts, Chloe Capri and Maddy Mae, returned from a scouting event with cheeky faces. It turns out that these two lesbians are hiding a bit of a dirty secret. Tucking up their skirts reveals, surprisingly, that they've both been wearing butt plugs all day. Additionally, you can control each other's vibrations using an app on your phone. But now that they're finally alone, Chloe and Maddie decide it's time for some kinky, rough sex. With the butt plug still in their tight assholes, they kiss hard and slam their tongues in each other's mouths. They then undress and begin a nasty 69 that includes not only pussy licking but fingering and anal licking. They immediately decided to take this Lez Be Bad fuck session to the next level with rough strap-on play. They buckle up and start having sex inside each other's vaginas, but that doesn't mean they can't keep having fun with their trusty anal plug. They continue to play on phone apps while they fuck each other with strapons, each other's assholes humming in delight. What will the Scouts think next?
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