uality Time With My Hot Stepmom

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11059   1 year ago
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11059   1 year ago
Mandy Waters really wants a baby, but her husband is always away at work. When she finds out that she was abandoned again when she was fertile, but her stepson Juan Loco is still at her house, she has an idea. Her Mandy suggests her own idea, which Juan rejects. But this hot stepmother won't accept the answer no. She puts on her bra and thong and goes to Juan's room where he hangs out. He tries to turn her down again, but he eventually agrees to have sex with her when Mandy tells him she only masturbates. When he sees his sexy stepmother dressed like this, Juan is immediately agitated and has Mandy suck it as a prelude to a blowjob. When Mandy gets tired of sucking her stepson, she climbs on top of him while riding D and shoves Tata in his face. She then falls on her side so Juan can eat a spoon with her before fucking her doggy style from behind her. On her back Mandy spreads her legs and she takes it until her Juan's cock bursts. Mandy rides on top of him in reverse cowgirl style and rides him all the way to the creampie hoping to impregnate him.
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